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"Very nice to work with ThisisnotaPRagency! Their enthusiasm is inexhaustible and the results were beyond expectations. Ample number of very nice publications and media attention. Thanks ThisisnotaPRagency!"

Graciëlla van Vliet

Co-Founder Closure

"ThisisnotaPRagency's team has a very energetic personality who knows how to surprise with their insight. I worked with them for ShareDnD where they cleverly managed to get national attention."

Romeo Vreeken

Senior program manager Randstad

"We have gotten numerous publications in all kinds of Dutch media, from daily newspapers to trade magazines to entrepreneurial platforms. We have also managed a number of international publications. While sparring together, we always come up with good campaigns. I am very happy with it."

Ermesto Spruyt

CEO Tunga

Working with ThisisnotaPRagency means working with a team that is straightforward and has their heart on their sleeve and knows how to turn their clear vision and entrepreneurial spirit into concrete actions and deeds. By convincingly putting their story across, they know how to enthuse and bind partners. With an eye for results and the long term."

Karel van der Woude

ISM e-Group

"A nice way of working together and good contact. Especially for SMEs an interesting and good party to work with. ThisisnotaPRagency offers a very accessible way to do PR for small businesses."

Florent Geerts

Business Unit Manager Thirona

Lars Crama

"After disappointing experiences with other PR agencies, ThisisnotaPRagency positively surprised us with their dedicated, hands-on, "can do" mentality. In a very short period of time, ThisisnotaPRagency activated their press network of press contacts, resulting in various media publications and interviews, while continuously keeping us informed of the progress."

Lars Crama

Private Lead Upstream Rotterdam

"The team at ThisisnotaPRagency are true hands-on experts in the field of PR. For our event, they fulfilled their role as PR strategists far beyond expectations in a short period of time."

Michael Los Bonenkamp

Upstream Rotterdam

"Fine collaboration, friendly, humorous, a real Amsterdam team that does know how to get things done. A down-to-earth yet creative PR agency"

Sander Claessen

Marketing & Design Manager Lightwell

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